One of my inspiration to create the UltraFast Landing pages.

Story behind crafting the [ Force Framework ]. Earlier I was working on a project for Dr Batra's Homeopathy, there I encountered tons of problem in their Webpages, Lead pages. Since Dr Batra's is Non IT company, so they were not aware of how the unnecessary files of Bootstrap and Magento framework is creating the impact on their traffic and drop ratio. I have proposed an Idea to optimize their webpages, website, leadpages and other standalone pages.

Finally a conclusion done and step taken to update the landing pages and the stand alone pages without taking any action on the current website. We came out to go with the AMP to target the Mobile users traffic and leads pages with light weight code.

That time i feel there must be a light weight framework for delivering the fast pages and making the ultra speed loading. I have done work on the HTML clean code, CSS light weight library, Library management, SEO Enhanced Coding, Accessible Rich Internet Applications coding, Mobile First pages and other vitals features without the JavaScript *.

I worked on minimizing the code, creating the clean code and best standard. Created few plugins for beautification too (hosted on Codepen). However it is not for enterprise solution, but a good organisation/company could be incomplete without this. I can give more features for using Force Framework.

I don't hate JavaScript, But why to load them if not required at that instance. Think about this and ask me!!

Force Framework Releases:

Force Framework (Dev mode) UnStable release

Force Framework 1.4 Stable release

Force Framework 1.3 Stable release

Force Framework 1.2 Stable release

Force Framework 1.1 Stable release

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